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The rules are simple and brief - ultimately, they depend on each rider's integrity, which means respecting and adhering to them whatever your opinion. If you can't police your own actions and abide by the rules 100%, please don’t ride and belittle the efforts of the honourable riders who can. Breaking or bending these simple rules is unfair to the other riders who are out there suffering just as bad as you are, yet are still playing by the rules.


  1. Complete the entire route, under your own power - no drafting

  2. Adhere to the law and codes of conduct for mountain biking and wild camping in the Park

  3. Be completely self-supported throughout the ride - absolutely no support crews, absolutely no gear sharing

  4. Only use commercial services that are available to all challengers - no private resupply, no private lodging

  5. If you have to leave the route, you must re-join it at the exactly same spot

  6. No third-party sag-wagon offering an easy bail-out option

  7. No caches of any kind, including postal drops

  8. No pre-arranged support, which means before you begin your ride - e.g. booking a B&B

  9. No travel by any motorized means. By all means do so if necessary, but understand if you do your attempt is over

  10. No ditching or stashing of any gear to pick up later

  11. Gear - nothing required, nothing prohibited

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